Lone Polis Ranger walks through arachnid infested tunnel

It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything in Gmod, but I was inspired to come back to it after playing through Metro: Redux.

Hopefully it isn’t too bad, my posing is pretty rough.

The composition and lighting quality are not the best. You also showcase prominently a lot of poor resolution textures.

As far as the lighting is concerned, I tried my best to make sure things were still lit, but not so much that it would go against the way it works in Last Light, where the arachnids are harmed by light. I also wanted to keep with the aesthetic of the Metro series, where it is traditionally much darker, but… eh.

As far as the textures are concerned, not a whole lot I can do about that. It’s the map itself (aside from one or two props).

Thank you for the critique though. I haven’t posted anything here in a long time and did this on a bit of a whim.

The pose is actually very good, but you messed up the lightning here. You’re supposed to do a slightly brighter background behind the main character so that you can have a nice contrast outlining where to focus. Lacking that focus, people wind up staring at the right flashlight.

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Basically, the soldier is gray and the background is gray, forces eye to look somewhere else until a contrast is met. Gotta have different shades of gray then to make people concentrate on the main character.

A little late on the reply, I’ve been busy with other obligations

I guess I’m confused at your comments regarding the lighting. Maybe it’s just bias on my end because I’m seeing it through my monitor and all… but… I did try to light the space behind the ranger so that the image wasn’t solid darkness until the background. The problem however is trying to find a healthy median between replicating the feel of the game and making an image that you guys like. In the Metro games, which I’m trying to replicate… there isn’t a whole lot of light. However I tried to mockup the cool blue light that is used heavily in the tunnels with the green glow of the mushrooms that dot the tunnel floors.

I also didn’t want to include much light due to the fact that I’m trying to show a tunnel that has been taken over by the Spiderbugs, a type of mutant in the metro. They react to light and it burns them, thus they choose dark locales to nest in.

Seen here:

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Got a few screenshots to show what I mean


Also unrelated but what the fuck happened to saves? Ragdolls T-pose when you load them now?


their bones are still in the pose it just shows the actual ragdoll as being t-posed. if you click around where the ragdoll orginally was with the physgun then you can grab one of the bones and the ragdoll will fix itself

also in terms of lighting i would recommend having a pale red ambient light everywhere like in some of the spiderbug lairs when you turn the lights on, it might not be 100% accurate but you don’t really wanna sacrifice the visuals for that

Oh cool. Thanks for that, I just tried it and would you look at that… pose is back to normal.

Also I dunno… I really wanted the focal point to stay on the ranger and what he was looking at.