Lone Scavenger takes a break.


Not edited at all because it didn’t feel like it needed to be. I would of added Dof but I don’t know how to edit in dof with Gimp and if I did in-game the rope disappears.

C&C would be appreciated.

The AA is so low, the edges almost look like the Mayan pyramids stairs :v:

Is there anyway to make it higher?

Could use a better atmosphere and camera angle.

I originally had it at a more far away angle but I didn’t like it.

Hey go into releases and my model has new skins now and a glove reskin aswell.

Vary the angle of the grass so it looks less uniform.

I can still see that its flatgrass.

Oh you can, can you?

Stop spamming FP with those useless shitposts.

Very boring and the spammed grass is excessive.