Lone sniper, my best edit yet.

IT IS GENERIC ! :smiley:

BUT, it was more of a editing test. to see if my new color scheme worked out and to practice shading.

opinions please :slight_smile:

and original: http://i51.tinypic.com/14wbw2a.jpg

Looks nice, I love the blue tone.

I love the shading on the weapon, but the outside looks like filter-rape crayon land.

oh snap :V didnt notice, ill try to fix it tonight!

It’s because you have the blur set too high, just render it a few times until those O’s become thick blurry dots, SDOF is a pain.

Nice atmopshere and nice, sharp shadows on the rifle.

Thanks, I was inspired by you’re picture tbh. (the one with the futuristic aircraft D:)

Love it, i need to download some more gun models.

Whoa, I love the outdoors. It looks like an impressionist painting. What program did you use and how did you achieve that effect?

I don’t understand the outside. Realistic to a blotch painting. It seems silly. Nice atmosphere and editing, though.

It’s high blur sdof with a blue color cast and upped brightness/contrast.

If I had to guess…

Background looks almost like a Van Gogh painting. Rated art.

is that a duck i see in the background?

Asks the duck. :v:

Cool pose. :smile: I’m liking that lighting.

Thanks for the comments guys! :smiley: