Lone soldier walking trought chernobyl. (my first scene build).

My first scene built, i hope that you guys like it. Don’t be to harsh this is my first scenebuild! C&C please.







There is no picture

Thats the idea

Also image please

Wait for the page to load.

No new comments :frowning: i want to know if i did a good job or not.

Ugh, the road looks terrible. The buildings are low poly, too.

Those skybox flats are really low-quality from up close if you get what I mean, I would suggest making houses/walls with Tiles cuboids using material tool.
Also as above, the PHX road looks way to clean for chernobyl, it doesn’t fit.
And I don’t really like the 8/9 angles, 1 would be enough to see it.

But keep practicing, my first scenebuild was worse :3: