Lone survivor ( rain/blood/posing test again )

used a better tut this time for the rain and still on my own with the blood and posing. the light is from whats geting threw the clouds and were there are no clouds for those who are wondering.

You really need to improve your posing before you bother with editing any images.

Wow… That rain looks like it can beat a man to death. Way to excessive.
Also it should be a ton of water splashes on him. Not to mention the ground.

im having trouble with the water splashes even with the tutorial and the brush they give because maily the set they give is just a copy of there whole brush collection and its impossible to find the right one. and on the posing im learning.

get better at posing before practicing your editing

like i said im trying to learn posing all on my own so its going along with my editing.

Bad posing, Bad editing… v:v:v

The posing is VERY awkward, and the rain looks more like hail, there should be splashes on the ground, and you did no other editing to make it look like it was raining, so there is no atmosphere to go with the rain.

Don’t try to jump the gun here. It is always wise to start slow. Rain are not the easiest edits to start of with either. Take you time and focus on simpler edits tutorials that will introduce you to the world of Gimp or Photoshop at a reasonable paste.

No this set also includes a 224px rain brush custom made.

could you maby isolate just that brush with any others needed. and put it out

I tried, I failed.

uh did you make it yourself or download it?

Posing was bad, the rain looks too 2d-ish, and looks too heavy. Needs more rain splashes, or rain flooding the streets if you ask me. Needs alot of work.

Way too much rain

This rules.

okay i got some good comments some decent and some bad. but its all good ill do my best to improve!:mmmhmm:

You can make splashes even with a small round brush to be honest. And I have to agree with the rest. The rain is far to excessive. Try to somehow tone it down.

next time ill add more to the opacity

Need to pose model better.