Lone wanderer sits in dilapidated city


Scenebuild in one hour.

God dammit. What is this?

It looks like he’s sitting on yogurt.

I tried to make some shadowing on the objects with the brush tool.

That’s the last time Yoplait runs their plants on nuclear power.

The buildings are just too random and I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t see cars or newspaper bins sticking out of the sand like that.
Is this based on that game that hasn’t come out yet? Can’t remember the name…
Anyways nice idea, decent attempt.

The posing is crappy but the scenebuild is okay. The low-res textures mar the image though.

at least bill will be getting his nutrition :pseudo:

Why is there a TV there? There’s totally going to be news later :slight_smile:

It could look awesome with more editing (lighting, texturing, blurring, etc.) because the scenebuild is good.

Needs editing other than that shadow thing on the sand.

Edit: Crap, ninja’d.