Lonely Automaton in the Wasteland


Tbh, I don’t really like how this came out myself.

I love the glow. The DoF seems a bit overly heavy though considering the high camera angle and composition.

Also, the colouration doesn’t seem fitting to a desert scene. It’s almost magenta.

Composition may have been improved by a shadow being cast more to the right but obviously this would require a shift in the background during posing so I dunno how that would have turned out.

Lovely work overall though.

What is that beautiful thing?

Aww, he could use a hug from MA: Newton.

Aside from the over extreme DoF the picture looks great. I think if the DoF was a bit more relaxed it would capture that loneliness feeling better.

It’s cool, but I dislike the blue tint.

Bit too contrasty/burny for me.

answer found in wikipedia-protocol.

object is a cranium of a homo-sapien (also known as human)
The skull is a bony structure in the head of many animals that supports the structures of the face and forms a cavity for the brain.
The skull is composed of two parts: the cranium and the mandible. A skull without a mandible is only a cranium. Animals that have skulls are called craniates. The skull is a part of the skeleton.
Functions of the skull include protection of the brain, fixing the distance between the eyes to allow stereoscopic vision, and fixing the position of the ears to help the brain use auditory cues to judge direction and distance of sounds. In some animals, the skull also has a defensive function (e.g. horned ungulates); the frontal bone is where horns are mounted.

“Alas, poor Yorick.”