Lonely cave in the bay.


testing some ported cliffs from Fallout NV.

You’re great at making landscapes.

And everything else for that matter.

I can’t believe anyone can ever make Fallout:New Vegas terrain look good, but you did. Good work man.

where do you get all this terrain stuff, it looks really swell

very nice work

That’s an awesome shot.

Really cool.

the water could be better.

Look nature, clean, but full of texture detail. I love it indeed.


I would pay to have you as my personal map maker for movies

afaik that’s a scenebuild

A little illogical (trees growing on rock), but pretty.

Cool stuff!


I thought Jocke confused it to a map so I told him it’s a scenebuild. Did I forget to add something or what?

give me those models!

It can be created into the map even if it’s scenebuild, man.

Woah that’s pretty!

I am jelly of your scenebuilding skeelz.
Awesome work!