Lonely Engineer


he misses his century gun

The .jpeg quality looks a bit low, but otherwise great picture. Really atmospheric.

I remember a screenshot almost exactly like this, but as much I can remember it wasn’t as good as yours. Good job, great posing, and editing.

The uploaded version looks somehow lower quality than the one that’s sitting on my desktop. Dunno why.

atmosphere, lighting and shading is superb
great job man

very nice

Try a different host, may I suggest www.filesmelt.com or www.uppix.net?

Dropbox is better than those two together :I


I’ve always loved your screenshots and this one is just fukn uber nice

Great lighting.

the engineer really is a lonely guy, he has no connections at all.
just look at this picture:


I’ve always loved the Engineer. And the Sniper.

And oh, Demoman and Spy.

I really like this one. Have an heart.

Strange… i rated your pic but no heart rating shows up…

Poor guy. :frown:

What map is this, by the way?