Lonely housewife is thinking about sex with the fridge repairman (scenebuilt)

gm_flatgrass_night and all ingame.

Flatgrass angle (click):

A simple building at a river’s shore (scene build, interior partly visible)

Girl is waiting for next costumer (scene built living-room with new stuff)

Built house (Stranded models, ‘new’ furnitures, different style than my prev. houses)

nice scenebuild tho

Repair man doesnt seem to fit in… not sure how though
But you used the engineers tool box so im happy

Lol the letter on the fridge crack me up

I always find your ideas for scene-builds, or the stories of the characters in them, really dumb. It’s like you watch way too many bad porn films.

The scene-build though? Amazing as usual.

haha same here

Again thank you for your comments!

God, did I :v: at the fridge.

That’s an ugly ass repair man!

The letters on the fridge were a nice touch.

oh yeah kalixx always makes great poses

I lol’d at the sex letters on the fridge. Nice job.

Sex was funny, but everything else seems a bit strange.