Lonely Inn

For someone it should be a bit dark and grey but I like it as it is. Enjoy lads.




Dissolution’s edit, thx mate :3






I really like the 3rd one, IMO thats the best one.

Very atmospheric!

Well done. The only thing that bothers me here (actually two) is the AA on the trees, and the windows’ glow are a bit off somehow (in the first one).


Very wet.
Love it.

the sunset shot is rather lovely

I too have to agree that the third one is awesome!

I like how you went from this :

to this thread while I’m stuck with my screenshots wich are all of the same quality.

Ahh, that times… :v:
Thank you very much Hoopty, I appreciate it from you Kamerad.^^ And don’t worry, you are still improving as well. ^^

The nightly fog edit is very well done as well, didn’t notice it when this thread first came up.

I added it today when Dissolution posted that in Edit thread. ^^

I’m not the guy who constantly have more than 20x winner ratings on his threads :v:
The closer I was was 18x winners.