Lonely Metrocop


I’m proud of this. The metrocop was very hard to pose in that position. Could I get some criticism?



also, wrist is very awkward.

I can’t really see the wrist because of the blur my friend put on (I can’t edit too well with Photoshop) but I’ll make sure it looks proper next time. Thanks. It looks like that because when I tried to bend the arm at the elbow, it would spaz into the leg. :v:

Very unfocused.
The red filter is ugly and doesn’t fit for the emotional tempo you’re trying to get.

You really shouldn’t have cropped out everything but the metrocop, you could emphasize on his loneliness with showing how empty the rest of the shot is.

Compostion, compostion, compostion.

Basically what Lebowski said. Bloom is also excessive. It is a dangerous tool that is to be used with care.

Alright, I’ll take all those things into account next time. I appreciate the help. :v: