Long delay between client update & server update.

Not to berate the point, but if both don’t come out at the same time we end up with some fit hittin the shan! I’ve noticed also that Rcon picks up on updates sometimes hours before it’s actually available on my provider’s console. Am I the only one seeing this delay? Is it related to my provider or the way steam pushes out the updates? Anyone know?


It’s your provider. Let me guess… Clanforge?

If so, they have a policy of waiting 2-3 hours so make sure the update does not cause problems before they apply it. It is the most stupid policy I ever seen because there never was a patch rollback as far as I know and since most players are running auto-update on the client and it’s impossible to revert back to an order version, it means that this “2-3 hours of waiting just to make sure we don’t have issues” causes exactly the opposite: 2-3 hours of nobody being able to connect, insuring that most if not all your players HAVE issues.

When the update hits on my gameserver account, its available within a matter of minutes, so is Oxide and RustIO, all ready to install. There is no delay, the client, server, oxide and map plugin are all ready within a very short time.

My provider is gameservers. But the last few patches have been like this. My dashboard is still showing the 13:14:25 as the last patch but rcon keeps barking. I’ve been checking my console since 6pm eastern. It’s now 10 eastern. It’s really odd.

I’m on Clanforge and its a right pain!

Well gameservers fared no better on this update. Unlike last week where the update resulted in four hotfixes; each one showing up in my console (gameservers) with a new timestamp. This week the hotfix never showed as available in console, but applying the update did actually work.

Lesson learned, trust in Rusty (Rcon). That thing knows exactly when something new is available. I’m no longer going to wait to see it post in my console from the provider, that appears to be unreliable or have long delays in updating.