Long Download

I own a TTT server on gmod. Of course, I have created fastdl for the server. Every time a player joins, they complain about the long download. A lot of players will even leave because of it. I think one of the main reasons the download is so long is because of all the maps. I’ve tried taking them out of the fastdl but then players will get an error saying missing map <map> and then they are kicked from the server. Any ways to make the download faster? Is there a way to have players download the map they are joining only? Any ideas will be appreciated.

Use the workshop to download everything you need that Is not already uploaded there.

The reason they download all the maps Is cause FastDL downloads everything to the Client that Is on that FTPServer.

You want It so the Map only downloads ** to the client **for the map that you are playing on.

resource.AddWorkshop( “Workshop URL ID” ) Is essential for that. it will download any Materials, Models, Sounds, Maps, Etc that Is on that addon to the client.

But to be able to use the Addon you need to make a Workshop Collection, and add it to the SteamCMD Paramaters.

Sorry nvm