long furnace can't be researched for Bp

When I place the Long furnace, I got every ressource needed to research it but when I click research, nothing happen, the 10 sec for reseach is not there.

Not all items in a research table will yield a bp on the first, second or third attempt (notice the % of success) sometimes at all. But sometimes you get lucky

I know that, I’m talking about when you press research, there is countdown of 10 sec normaly, but with the long furnace, nothing happen, the item dont research, I keep the long furnace intact and can’t research it

Does it say if it’s researchable in the research table? As far as I know the quarry isn’t researchable so the furnace could be the same.

I researched one last night and it seemed fine… It failed but the button was available. There were like 3 updates since then though