Long Hair X [WARNING nudity inside]

This is a headhack between two models from fakefactory.

Just extract in your gmod folder.





Looks like naked Alyx body and the Hawaiian girl head. Still good

Is exactly that ^^

Is pretty,thanks but he is some ugly and had small boobs lol

I hope you could hex this head onto a HL2 Female Citizens body.

Hawaii girl is ugly.

Meh… face doesn’t look too hot.

Looks like an old woman with [sp]skin cancer[/sp]

Face is pale, body is tanned, does not work.

Also head is much too large, almost as wide as body.



Jeez i thought you actually got a FakeFactory Alyx and then did some editing but this model is pretty good.

Oh god… the man hands! THE MAN HANDS!

She looks like a crack addict.

This is why I dont like FukeFactory

Yea yea blablabla but 213 downloads not even in 48 hours ! Bands frustrated pervert ^^

I think looks good and its great so see some variation on the nude models, great job Evil-Ash.

looks at ass
Me: Hrmm, yes.
looks at face
Me: Uhh.

her head is big as shit. makes her look like bonehead.

sides that she’s got a baad body. sexy.

Ass looks retarted.

It’s a headhack people. That means Evil-Ash didn’t make any of it, but just pieced the head and body together. Anything unlikable on the model will have to stay.