Long list of Suggestions

Dear esteemed members of the Rust Forum Community.
Following a short stint of Rust over the last week (I bought the game last Wednesday) I have a few suggestions up for debate.

Before I go ahead I’m going to state this plain and simple for those people who will immediately state that I’m copying their ideas, I don’t have the time to look through every single post titled suggestions since I work full time, although I do know that some of my thoughts have already be voiced by other forum users.

Also I understand this game is in alpha, so far I have not had any bug problems to report so the following are purely suggestions, to be ignored or taken on board.


In any survival game there need to be a certain level of customization of any weapon, be it your trusty stone axe or a fully automatic machine gun.
Poison offers a chance to make those low level weapons a real threat to fully kitted out players.
oh, so you have a gun, enjoy arrows tipped with snake venom, or this lovely plant I found growing which paralyses you, allowing me a quick getaway.

Ideas for poison effects:
-blurred vision
-slow death (need anti-venom to cure)
-loss of speed
-damage to weapon accuracy (this could act as a leveler for gun toting bandits)
-additional encumbrance (if items become weighted)
-loss of melee damage

Poison should be a customization option, which like in other games has a set time limit (think skyrim, the witcher ect) and if used on projectiles should be a one use item. Furthermore if it is adopted it shouldn’t be easy to procure and ingredients for various poisons should be spread across the map (yay I got this flower, crap I have to go to the next valley to get the next ingredient)
The risks of making poison should balance with the rewards. Only a true survivor can make this stuff.

Alternatively you could have a leveled system for poison, for example these ingredients make a weak paralysis poison. if I go to the irradiated wastes where most experienced survivors/bandits live, the ingredient I can get there will make this a strong paralysis poison. I understand this means that a more experienced player will have stronger poisons, but will also have to compete with other experienced players to get ingredients to create these.


Looking through a couple of forum posts it seems like traps are a popular topic of conversation. I will attempt to try and suggest ideas for traps, but I understand if it has already been said at some other point (there are over 150 pages of different forum entries to my knowledge).

First of all traps should be something that again are leveled, you can use against players and the environment (i.e. animals).

Traps should be difficult to maintain, decay quite quickly and take time to construct, they shouldn’t be stack able thus meaning you cant carry around 30 traps and spam/troll/grief other players with them. They should be the tool of a cunning survivor.

Ideas for Traps
-Trip wire (attach to other items/ trapdoors)
-mantrap (snap, and your leg is gone)
-rabbit snare (basic and gets you that chicken breast you’ve been hunting for so long)
-trapdoor (could be used in tandem with spikes/ a tripwire)
-landmines (not craftable, extremely rare)
-anything the Ewoks used to kill the storm troopers (see star wars return of the Jedi)
-covered pit (could be a pit, could be a pit full of spikes)
-nets (attach to tripwire/snare)
-pressure plates

My take on traps is that it should be something which can be made very basically to snare a rabbit, or on a higher level to take out raiders/ that pesky bear who follows you everywhere).
Similarly a trap could be used in tandem with poison.

Depending on later versions of the game, physics could play an important part in the use of traps. The best way to describe my idea is like this:

I’m raiding a base, ha, this fools placed no defenses along this long ominous corridor. walking walking walking, 5 paces to the door. Click, what was that, oh a pressure plate. (the roof opens) Serious case of stones/barrels/logs to the face. This suggests you could make trap doors in the ceilings, then fill the above room with all those stones you’ve collected over time/ or maybe those logs/ or barrels.

Similarly I understand from previous posts that below the ground there is no mesh, if this is changed in later versions it would be a nice addition. you could make a pit to trap a bear, or possibly a moat around your fortress of solitude.

Train your Dragon

No there are no dragons in this game, but wouldn’t it be awesome if instead of constantly getting harassed my bears and wolfs, you could have your own pet, or failing that lure a bear into a pit, lock it in there, and feed it intruders (again an idea for a trap) which would be quite funny to witness. or maybe train your bear to dance, and have some medieval style entertainment. Imagination is your limit.

Alternatively you could domesticate animals, maybe with the addition of horses they should be wild, and a certain level of training is needed to be able to ride them. Don’t ask me how this would work, I’m not a game developer. Similarly if farming is added, you could farm cattle.

As more animals are added (I hope more animals are added) the possibilities for this are broadened.

I Love Blocks!

While I love blocks, I think the addition of rounded shapes would be nice in building; a curved wooden wall would finally put my dreams to rest of making that perfect mote and bailey castle. Failing that, triangles could be used more extensively in building to create more unique buildings.


The current Inventory is pleasant, it’s Spartan and easy to use. However the addition of quivers for arrows, bandoliers for shotgun shells and pouches for ammunition may either be great, or could make it even harder for starting players.

Items to add

Here is a working list of items I feel could be added to this game to make it more fun (NOTE, some of these items will have appeared in previous posts):

-Cloaks (na na na nah nah, BATMAN)
-furs (you skin that bear, you should get some fur)
-unique items (I’ll discuss this below)
-customizable items (again below)
-boats (I’ll discuss this later)
-saddles (if horses are added)
-rounded walls
-Jerry cans
-Single wooden stakes
-stone walls

  • Large gates (entrance to a town?)
    -iron railings
    -iron spikes
    -animal sinews for traps/ instead of cloth for bow strings
    -fishing rods

Unique Items

Unique items could be an item you get rarely and are only dropped by certain entities or by a random event. I think this could fit well with any boss level additions/ if a certain animal is hard to kill you could receive an item for killing it which is sort after. Since I’m not to sure how this could be implemented, I’m only going to suggest one scenario which could be added and open the floor to suggestions.

The scenario
Mountain lions, they hunt in packs, they are hard to kill, the alpha male is the king of this land. Since so many people are talking of factions and guilds I think a real mark of authority would be this. You take on the pack, with your own pack, a trusty group of friends and survivors.

You are their leader; your duel is with the alpha male, to take his head to die trying. Victory offers you a unique item, a piece of headgear more commonly found in pictures of Alexander the great. Yea that’s right you can take the lions head, and wear it like the boss you are.

Customizable items
Customizable items would be a boon to game play in my opinion. These could be Signs, Banners or Flags, possibly even clothes, purely aesthetic or maybe a warning to your enemies.
I would like the think that the skies your limit when it comes to icons ect. I know some people want limitations so you can’t scrawl across other peoples buildings and make rude flags. That however is to a certain extent the fun of it.
And if you decide to go around planting flags with cocks on them, exclaiming that we are the penis clan then you should expect other players to attack you, or join you.
This could be extended to player models, someone mentioned beards, maybe war paint if we are going down the whole tribal route and definitely add the option to be a female.

The current selection of animals will hopefully not be the selection of animals in later versions of the game.

The Animals should be dependant of the environment, bears in the woods, deer in the meadows, wolfs in the mountains.

A short list of additions I would make to the animals:
-Mountain Lions
-snakes (source of poison
-fish (that included sharks)
-birds (including that hard to find chicken that’s been whoring its meat to all the other animals on the block)
-mountain goats
-mutated animals (take the fallout universe as inspiration)

  • Frogs (source of poison)
    -rodents (could occur around buildings- cause disease if not dealt with)
    -large lizards (think monitor or komodo dragon- not dinosaurs)
    -infantile animals, bear cubs, lion cubs, chicks, lambs ect.


My take on this whole get rid of zombies/ add this that or the other in is simple.
Add Morlocks or something similar!

For those who don’t know what a Morlock is, either watch the film adaptation or read H.G.Wells Book the time machine. Morlocks are these subhuman creatures who have basic intelligence (that of a caveman) and are cannibalistic (they eat the humans population in the book, the Eloi).

In my opinion an enemy like this would diversify gameplay and allow for a different experience in day versus night. Morlocks are nocturnal, being able to only go out at night to hunt and capture their pray, the unwitting survivor.
To fight these bestial men off you either need to be holed up in a shelter, or use guile, stealth, or outright fire power to defeat them.

I understand that this is a complete game changer and people who want a true PvP experience will protest the idea so I offer this. Make the morlocks/night creatures an event, which Server admins can disable and enable on their servers. Give them the authority to decide. It is my opinion that on a server where this is turned on, people are more likely to band together over a common enemy than they are on other servers where PvP takes precedence. It gives diversity to the game play which is lacking in some respects.

I noticed people saying that people are starting to stop playing after getting fed up for the umpteenth time of getting shot/killed shortly after spawn.
If there was a game mode like this it wouldn’t be the case where a new spawn is seen of as someone to troll but another addition to fight off the coming tide.

I feel like while the current map is good, a diversity of environments would be better.

Island Archipelago
My key environment to add would be an Island archipelago. this would give a new dynamic to game play, and allow people to possibly use boats or swim.
You could also add unique trees (palm, coconut ect) to the islands and unique wildlife. People could turn a small island into their own fortress or a clan could set up a base of operations on one. The water could be teeming with life (sharks survived the extinction of dinosaurs, why wouldn’t they be in this post-apocalyptic world).

Of course to make sure people don’t just spend their whole time in one environ, you could make it so each environ is lacking in one vital resource, e.g. there is no metal and not many animals that provide leather/cloth on the islands.

Possibly add some sort of gorge through which a valley is accessible… I don’t know it just popped into my head

Caves & Subways
The addition of caves would provide a new game dynamic and possibly allow for another unique item- miner’s helmet, which can then be blueprinted, (a hard hat with a torch-boom). This could also provide a safer way to traverse parts of the map, as long as you don’t get lost, run out of torches, or run into an unfriendly survivor with better weapons than you.

A ruined subway system could be interesting, possibly offering some game lore (a subway cart with old posters or a newspaper with the news on the day everything went to hell). They could offer respite from the cold, or be the domain of the Morlocks (see the tab entitled Morlocks).

Not much there, inhabited by snakes and other venomous creatures, a good place to get venom for poison. Could possibly fill sacks with sand; create sandbags to make defences with.

This could be a source of poisonous and medicinal plants as well as food (I’m pretty sure I saw someone mention fruit trees in a post). There could be animals unique to the biome, maybe big anacondas or possibly the happy go lucky monkey who will hurl fruit at you for comical value.

Large open spaces with an abundance of wildlife but not much cover, or building resources

Rivers & Swamps
Add some rivers, maybe make hydration key to survival, and add swamps for another chance at extending your list of animals ect.

Crippling blow

I’m not sure how the current damage system works but if crippling effects are added such as getting shot in the arm means your melee attacks are weaker, your aim is slightly off and it takes longer to craft items it could be beneficial to all areas of game play and it gives those pesky raiders something to think about.

Your legs could be crippled, meaning you can’t run fast.
Your head could be crippled, meaning your vision is slightly blurred

The physics could be better, physics similar to Garry’s mod where if you drop an item you can roll/push it, could again (feel like I’m saying this a lot) diversify game play. Harkening back to the start of this short essay where I talk about traps and suggest a scenario where you walk onto a pressure plate and the trapdoor above opens up, burying you under stone/barrels/logs.

I have seen quite a few screenshots of people who have been shot and the player model has had what appears to be some sort of fit. Don’t know if this has been resolved but if it isn’t, it’s out there, and it’s happening.

Player Driven Markets

People have discussed adding some sort of NPC character who you can buy items/sell items off and in game currency. First of all, no, just no, that turns the game from one of survival into one of economic banditry, where the most valuable item is not that one that you spent two hours trying to find, but is currency which I would presume would come from corpses and stashes.

I offer this, if you want an item and you are too lazy to go risk finding one, you don’t deserve the item. Its called a survival game for a reason.

The best way to go about player trading is something similar to Runescape. Where you can open a trading tab with the person you are entering a deal with. If you are in desperate need of something, you can offer up a prized possession and the other player can either accept or decline the item. Example in case, a player is dying of starvation, is fully geared, so decided to part with 10 arrows for 3 pieces of cooked chicken.

At an advanced level, you could introduce a market stall, where player items are kept, you have to gain permission to use the market stall and enter into a trade, the market stall can hold more items than your inventory and is hard to destroy, and its decay time is longer than most other buildings. I don’t know how the dynamic for this would work, but the introduction of NPC traders would damage the survival game play, even more so currency.


I like the Idea of Vehicles, but I’m not sure how they would fit in with the game, unless they were heavily modified rust buckets which take time and effort to put together. I think especially cars, could be implemented, but not so much as a drivable vehicle, but instead as containers that you can syphon off fuel from to use in torches.

It may be better to have mounts i.e. horses or maybe bicycles which are not as fast as cars and do not protect as much, but are relatively silent. You could also add a cart which could be used for the transfer of resources if they become weighted. This way you don’t have super armoured cars roaming around running and gunning people down.

Boats could be added if you need to traverse waterways, could be as simple as some logs and barrels bound together to create a raft, a canoe, or maybe a small yacht.


The current weapon selection isn’t bad, it’s not great either

Many people have talked about spears, I think this could be interesting; similarly people have talked about crossbows and expanding the list of guns.

Throw able weapons such as knifes and spears could also be interesting, in some cases stackable, or in the case of a stone hatchet, as a last ditched attempt at killing the wolf vigilantly following you. Some of these weapons, for example the spear and the axe should be retractable.

**A Tranquilizer Rifle **could be another addition; I don’t think I’ve seen any mention of this before. you could use tranquilizers or poison to either knock out, slow down, or kill your opponent. In case of bears you could for example knock out a bear, put it on a cart, and dump it in a pit in your base, so that you have a bear pit?

A Machete could fill some peoples need for some sort of sword style weapon; it could do less damage than an axe, but be faster to swing.

Sledge Hammers would be a nice addition, doing more damage to structures than they do to people.

Homemade flamethrowers would make an interesting addition, but would be hard to implement/balance.

**Smoke Grenades **would help to distract other players.

Modern Guns should not be craftable and should never come in perfect condition other than in air drops.

A Shield, this could be made out of wood or metal, or a riot shield could be found. You would need to introduce duel wielding to make this a viable option in combat.

**Natural Weapons **These could be a sharpened antler, a polished club of wood or even just a load of roads bound together and attached to a stick to form a basic mace. I think this would fit in well with the current feel of the game

Clothing should be customizable and with the addition of fur (as suggested above) making warmer clothing in which the fur is visible, and the type of fur is visible. so if you make a jacket out of bear skin, it will be bear skin, if you make a jacket out of wolf fur, it will be wolf fur, and if you make a jacket out of mutated bear fur, it will be red, and possibly have buffers against radiation?

Random Events
Taking inspiration from other games I’ve played, you could implement random events, such as a plane crash, possibly a stash being spawned containing a rare item or two, or maybe a unique enemy that is tough to fight, but gives a big reward. Alternatively if you go down the route of adding NPCs to the game, you could perhaps have a random NPC who is fleeing from a pack of wolfs or a bear, which will give you an item in exchange for help.

Game Modes

At launch ( I know, I know this is alpha) you could launch a sandbox option where a single person or group of friends could be free to experiment and see what things work. This could also supply the game with further suggestions even after launch.

**PvE & PvP game modes **with customizable options, I already mentioned the Morlocks as a possible PvE option, where you would really have to work together to survive.

Map diversity could be key in bringing about different game play options and choices, if there are more than just one map to play on, maybe you could have a snowy map in which keeping warm and hunting large animals is more important than killing each other.

Different time periods
I feel like this game is almost ice age in its early game play with a stone axe and a torch. I would love to see a game play mode where guns and all modern technologies are stripped and you genuinely are just a caveman with a rock, trying to make his way in the world, hunting woolly mammoths and fighting sabre tooth tigers (Hint hint, snowy map!). I feel like most survival games are all about some apocalypse which happened and thus humanity having to survive, when in reality you can just look back and find a more real and believable survival setting which focus less on trolling people with over powered guns, and more on actual survival.

That is my 3654 and something word rant over, at least for now,

If you read all of it I’m truly impressed
If not, meh, someone else will probably post similar ideas at some point soon anyway!