Long respawn times suck. +Bonus *BEWARE: HORRIBLE EDITING!*

Not thread worthy, but meh.

“Looks like we’re gonna have to ditch the car, huh?” SCENEBUILD FAIL

The scenebuild would be nice if it weren’t for the editing.

What the fuck did you do to reduce the quality so much? :suicide:

Good god, did you resave it as JPG like 1000 times?

(Each time you resave a JPG it reduces the quality slightly)

The one at the top would be 10X better if some bullet were flying around

God damn the quality is shit.

Like I said, I suck at editing.

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Yeah, I know.

AKA project reality.

so . . .much. . .noise in the second photo

If you know that it’s garbage and it’s not worthy of a thread. Why did you post a new thread?

Scenebuild would look good if it didn’t have all that noise.

Why did you save the bonus as a .gif!?

Old pic, when I was obsessed with .gifs.