Long Term Goal?

As the title says, I don’t have the game but I want to know the goals the average player sets for himself weather it be, creating a clan and trolling little kids tell they cry, or just trying to build a cool mansion, like in minecraft.

So, this being said why don’t you guys share your story’s or your future goals in rust.
Also Post a picture of your house/clan’s base, to add extra meaning to your goal.


That’s a goal.
But my goal is to get all the blueprints/craftables and then brag around like an idiot.

Typically its the immature kiddies doing the trolling/griefing.

As for a goal, in a sandbox the goal is likely different for different players. For some its kill stats and being the best PVPer, others its politics and clan management, others crafting and building. That’s the best part, you make the game the way you want it. Instead of being dragged along a linear path which really ruins a game for me.

Until we see all features implemented we really cant be sure there will not be more aspects of the game that might be a goal for some players but that is how I see it right now.

I’d like to find a group of people with whom I can build a nice fortress, or a group of fortresses which we can connect and defend from others.

Most likely we’ll die and our fortresses get destroyed, but it might be fun along the way :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind teaming up with a few people who I can trust and work together to complete each other’s goals.

Who knows, game is not developed enough to really be able to theorize that question.

Currently their is no long-term goal. Once more structures/weapons/armors are developed, the map expands, and the resource and craft system is ironed out, I’m assuming based on the things they said about the game it will be large groups vs. large groups fighting for land/resources. Raiding will also be pretty fun to see as I’d love to see how an organized group of 20-30 people breach huge towns.

Ya that’s all pretty cool, I imagine there a lot of rage quitters though.