Long Walk

go easy on me now i was just experimenting. i was using some colour-mod and gimp editing. to the best of my knowledge. its not perfect but i tried to improve upon my editing skills. posing is fine, from all directions of the ragdoll. it took some time. angle, it isn’t perfect and im trying to improve on that aswell.

this is the something i just whipped up for testing which took atleast an hour to pose and try every colour mod and gimp editing option to see which one fitted the most

its not great but fire away, comments are welcome as always


Its always bad if a light is really bright and gives off a glow, but then the brightness is lowered. :smith:
The guy in front needs some faceposing, and I can understand if a few guys in back are not posed as well as the others.

If he continues on that long walk he’s going to kick the camera.

he has a dull and expression for a reason

But I assume only you know this reason? How are we supposed to know this specific reason?

We give you C&C on stuff even if you like it or not, it’s how this place work. He lacks both faceposing and eyeposing, really.

i was trying to give an effect but, well.

i guess its pointless trying to attempt to create an atmosphere within a screenshot now.

thanks for your comment, if you dont like this then tell me how i can improve

uh… look at castros post, and dont be all emotional because someone told you your stuff is dull when youre attempting to create an atmosphere and didnt do it quite right

Zoom in more.

well i will try better next time

remember i did tell you this was for an editing experiment