Longer Days, Vehicles, More Zombies, NPCs

I don’t have the game but I watch nova’s play through of rust and I 've noticed that the day and night time cycle in this game is way too short. It should be around 15 mins for day time and like 10-12 mins for night time. Also, vehicles would be a really nice feature in this game. I mean they should be easy to find in towns but should be hard to maintain. Furthermore, I’ve noticed that there is a lack of zombies in the game when nova plays. I mean there should be a set number of zombies in the server and this number must stay constant. Not only that, but more zombies should spawn at night time and these extra zombies should despawn during daytime. Finally, NPCs would be really nice as it would give people the ability to trade their resources for things the villagers have.
P.S. please add the voip that is in the rp servers on garrysmod where people that are nearby can only hear you. Maps and compasses are also a must.

Its Pre-Alpha they specifically did it like that to test day and night cycles

There is vehicles in the game. But only devs can use them.

nova’s play throughs are alittle older since then the game has been updated the day/night. Right now vehicles aren’t a huge priority for the devs, there are in the game but only admins can use atm. Zombies will eventually be fazed out of the game and replaced with something that isn’t so generic in every survival game.

They should replace all of them with one slender man that just roams the map murdering people.

Vehicles are a very low priority, the map isn’t at its full potential yet, they’ve cordoned off a massive area with a Heavy Radiation zone, Day is longer than Night because Night time sucks and zombies will be replaced so no need to do anything with them.

There aren’t gonna be zombies… They will take them out in the future and add something else. Zombies ATM are just there to temporarily fill the gap.

The day system seems pretty good. From the streams I watch it seems that the amount of daylight is perfect. At least to me.

And a way to disguise as a zombie, that way you would never get shot

It’s not like the devs weren’t going to do ALL these things. Every single one of these things is going to be in the game, it just takes time.

that would make the game laughable

“oh my god a tall white guy in a suit is chasing me! this is definitely exciting!”

They are removing zombies. They are simply placeholders

Removing zombies entirely? What will be put in instead?

something that’s not as generic and uninteresting

dude please don’t make the days longer, or else make night longer too ( longer cycle ) , because night is really fun too !

Mutants, hence the logo and radiation.

Hmm I don’t know if I like the sound of vehicles in this game. It’s supposed to be a survival, which i guess would be fine if it was a single player survival, but a survival with a bunch of different players? If they add vehicles for everyone to be able to obtain and use, it best be very difficult to get a hold of or build. I feel it would ruin the game somewhat to see 50 players racing around in vehicles. I have yet to play the game but the day and night cycle should last a while, but not too long and shouldn’t be a quick transition from day to night, but the whole Dawn, Morning, Noon, Afternoon, dusk, Night, Midnight, ect. And the moon should be a little more illuminating on the land. and add weather effects so clouds can increase or decrease the light given by sun/moon, rain effect visibility, ect.