loojng for friends

i just played and evryone just kill kill and dont think about it… i am serching for an active friend i play on facepunch amsterdam i can make all the weapons there i will be glad if someone join me.

Would love if this game would ever turn into what it was at one point. Random people actually talking to each other, and working together.

Guess its only a Youtube phenomenon where its just a montage of five hours clipped down to three minutes.

Personally I would remove sleeping bags. If you die, you spawn fresh thats it.

That however would require more land marks and ways to learn quickly what part of the map you are on. And be able to see the other parts as well(at a distance)

As is at the moment from my experience the land is mostly flat, sure it goes up and down. But on average the map is just that. Flat. You cannot really look into the horizon and tell, ah! Thats where that “thing” is!

Maybe no sleeping bags is a bad idea, and maybe I am just a noob for suggesting it. But as is, death is too forgiving for groups.

Having no sleeping bag would make it worse for solo players too, but at least if you manage to kill a three man group you would know that what you did actually had an impact and they would need to spend time finding their way back to their base.

Just some of my feeling on the matter and something that could help. The maps would need to be more distinct and have bigger landmarks visible from a long distance for something like this to work.

Much like the high mountain on legacy, but more of them.