" Look at this the Russian soldier is dead "

<a href=“http://filesmelt.com/” target="_blank"><img alt=“Image Hosting by FileSmelt!” src=“http://filesmelt.com/downloader/dm_city00003.jpg” /></a>http://filesmelt.com/downloader/dm_city00003.jpg

ANOTHER RANGERS , TASK FORCE 141(Headhacking) MODELS LINK :http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?p=18796328#post18796328

Well it’s brown…

Nothing much else I can say. It’s nice.

Title is pretty dumb though.

“hey that’s just body, give it up and hop in”

not bad but the jpeg quality looks way low…

Why do the non-English speaking people port stuff from Call of Duty and post generic pictures? Most be a trait eh Tlsa[sp]udrl[/sp]?

But yeah, nothing really to complain about.

Wasted space on the right.

Uh the jpeg quality is painful.