Look At What I found on Etsy, The Evil WireMod Magician

Here’s the stupid smucks sales pitch.

So fucking corny!

Whats with the sudden influx of gmod products lately?

You’ve never seen Wiremod like this before…(easy+fast+effective)

Have you ever struggled with Wiremod?

You know…where you spend 2 hours setting up a expresion2, making sure the code is correct and looks nice, stress over what to add… only to find

It Doesn’t work…

Yep you know… A Broken Expression 2 and Your Friends Laughing at you?

Sucks…and it happens all the time because people don’t know how to use them properly.

My buddy, Dr. Jon Finland has figured it out. He’s been using Expression 2 for over 2 years now and has got it down to 22 page ebook! (He makes it so simple a monkey could do it!)

Section 1: The First 5 Lines - As Simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Section 2: Basic Math - You know 2+2=4
Section 3: If Statements - “What If” you know what your doing?
Section 4: Vectors - Vector me up scotty!
Section 5: Entities - Shes got a nice entity on her!
Section 6: Arrays - Look at that Array! Its stunning!
Section 7: Strings - Lots and lots of strings!
Section 8: Find Commands - Find the target your looking for!
Section 9: Applyforce - Learn to Applyforce to entities!
Section 10: Chat Commands - Automate Your Chat
Section 11: Concmd (Console Commands) - Automate your Concmd’s!
Section 12: Rangers - Were not talking about park rangers!
Section 13: Console Screens - What you’ve never used a console before?
Section 14: Holograms - Who doesn’t like holograms?
Section 15: Wirelink - Link me up baby!

Yep it’s just that simple… All you need to do is just read all 22 pages and you will be a wiremod pro so you can impress and amaze your friends! No really its this easy…

Click Here–> https://www.etsy.com/listing/152003292/the-evil-wiremod-magician
to Grab “The Evil Wiremod Magician” Now!

ITS ONLY $5.00

To your Wiremod success,
Dr. Jon Finland

PS. The price goes up in 7 days so jump on this fast… it won’t be up for sale at this price ever again.

what a concise and persuasive sales pitch, i think i will purchase his goods.

How about no, he clearly just made a wiremod tut that he wants 5 bucks for. Not worth it.

are you serious