Look at your titles

Look at your titles! A ton of them are advertising CW: HL2RP!

(Pretty sure this belongs here after all of the advertising Drama)

mine is a pee pee

Not mine.

Then they didn’t get you :stuck_out_tongue: I wasnt affected (1 hour later): crap


Money well spent.

25$ just to advertise a Framework?

Good advertisement right 'der.

not a server, a Roleplay Framework/Gamemode

I don’t see why. If you play HL2RP, you probably know what Clockwork is by default.

Dear Conna, try to change my title, i’ll release a free version of your framework.


As you can see, that won’t work. I love people buying things for me, though.

I am a professional when it’s about being a dick

Clockwork cured my cancer <3

Of Course not faget

Want yours changing to something nicer rebel? :v:

I think my title explains it all. Even the mystery on why were here.

At least they’re not charging silly amounts anymore.

I’m more than happy to pay 20-30$ to developers for there gamemode, stronghold for example.

To be honest, who here would actually willingly click on a link in someone’s Facepunch title

Sadly, this framework that’s being adverted is already leaked on another forums :confused:

“Sadly” ?


My one is advertising for Gold Membership. :open_mouth: