look what i found in my browse tab



u can post your models too

This thread is not going to go well

Guess what.

Nobody cares.

lol random so funneh

This is bad, very very bad.

wer u get optimuz prim

Lol terminators

Seriously, everyone knows about the browse tab and its purpose.


name of model and link? :slight_smile:


honestly the only thing i could see being somewhat useful would be optimus prime…

Why did you post the stuff you downloaded?

Look what I found in the first spawnlist I opened

I actually see this thread as an opportunity to shine light on lesser known models and rarities. So I give you this…


Yeah, cuz mah PC is beast like that.

Wow that looks cool as shit.


would be the most epic boss battle ever

boba would kill em all anyway

^^ My thinking exactly.

see that kind of thing is cool, but just throwing some ragdolls into a corner of construct to brag is fucking dumb

Envy - I think my laptop would blow up trying to handle the amount of models

Those bigass models make me want Shadow of the colossus models.

Than why don’t you make one?