"Look what you did!" Guy triggering an alarmed car.


Yeah yeah I know the whole “shooting alarm cars” is overused but I’m running out of ideas.

Its not great… nice posing just whats with the floating bottle?

Pretty cool, like the little exclamation marks. Might I ask why the bottle is harnessed to his chest?

It’s a molotov carried by a velcro pouch (survivor pocket)

But why is it on his chest…? o_o

It doesn’t even look like it’s connected to his shirt. I’m pretty sure things like that hook onto belts…

Updated it with the molotov in the right place.

The camera angle is really bad… why is everything on the far left of the picture?

New angle any better? Worse? It feels awful empty now for some reason.

nice mean

For some reason, I lol’d.
Rated funny