lookering for pro scripter

i was wondering if i can get someone to code me a lua speedhack and aimbot because i want to rdm a darkdm serrver i have all mony and i can pay up to $5 and that isa lot ok thanks for reading

buy neonhack, best hacke in de world


not, the kid who “coded” it is 13, uses a voice changer, copy and pasted most of it and sucks people’s dick when he sees they have something cool for his “hack”.

Buying these things is retarded, you are wasting (probably your mother’s) 25$ for something probably shitty just to “rdm”, think about this.

the kid also got vaced because his shit was bacon copy paste shit, even banned from servers for “BaconBot” he is also my girlfriend please convince him to give me free neonhack.

omg best hake evr, i bi her r sum feturs:
decrease ur aiming abilities
more lag
and a hol lot mor…

bi dis hak it is wry nic


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fisheater pls give free neonhax

neonhax is da best hake evur. a++ would buy again!!

fisheater best codr 2011

o main op pay 5 dolla dat alot o munies i gon spent 3 monthz codng dis wit hlep from peepz and den get dem 5 dallah woop :woop:

ok i dled this hac it rly gud i <3 it vry much adn verty good

you’ve lookered in the rong plaice

buy aspergers.


i vry wnt hac 2 plz!!! i cnt aim in darkrp evn wit te croshare! i wnt to rdm i pay 5 dollr lot of mony in mi cuntry!

Serious you aren’t funny.

buy cbot, best shit in the world.

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also it has a speedhack made entirely with lua and a scriptenforcer bypass and all this is done entirely with lua. looker for my steam account i will give it to your for free.

Don’t lie

im not lieing.

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cbot is a-hack with a new gui

how did you know -_-

i know because im not a skiddie

lol sure…sure you aren’t buddy ;D

Just don’t buy sethhack.