(User was banned for this post ("shit thread" - Orkel))

Are children unable to read these days? Or distinguish yellow from white?

im not asking for help

Well it’s really totally clear with the title and contentless OP you have there.

But you asking help for looking a coder !

So let’s run this through a little more…

  1. You’ve posted in the wrong section
  2. You didn’t even describe what you needed a coder for
  3. Are you willing to pay that coder?
  4. Are there deadlines to be met for what you need to be done?

.:[UMG]:. SirWolfAlot
Some One Alabama, United States
hello i love to play games i have a pitbull my favorite game is Garry’s mod and Dayz

Add to the bio?

I em codur and i make jobs fur darkrp if u r interested plz get in contakt we can maek survur

I don’t think we have to keep saying the same thing over and over again. Report the OP and let a mod close it.

I’m pretty sure he’s fine on his own.