Lookin' for a good 'RolePlay' server


Just as in the title, I’m looking for a good roleplay server which is tightly controlled by good admins.
active player-base, minimal mingery (is that possible?), and good uptime.
I’ve become disillusioned at my current community (multi-gaming) for not really knowing anything
about GMOD and creating a bad environment to play in.

Therefore I am here, pouring my heart out for some real good RP and hopefully you will provide
from your bounty facepunch! :slight_smile:

Ideal settings would be: Real-Life RP, Apocalypse RP, Zombified RP and in those veins.

If you are looking for a decent role-playing community that is committed to serious real-life role-play, has good active admins and where people help each other you should check my community out.

We are committed to helping new players learn and everybody is given a second chance. Mingebags are of course dealt with in a good manner and you will never see any of the admins abusing.

Right now we are working on a new game-mode for the role-play server and thus it is locked for now, but we will be having a permanent event once the script is finished which will add a lot to the role-playing experience.

We are extremely serious role-players, but of course we like to mess around every once in a while (fun events, contests etc).

http://gmservers.co.uk is the current gateway (where you can navigate to the role-play server’s website, the forums and the space-build server’s website)

If you want to see something funny, please enter anything after the /


You need Quicktime for the sound to play
For more information, visit the forums (you do not need to register to view the content)

I can promise you that my community is a lot different from most.

Regards, Pete

StainScript is the shit.

Thanks man, will definatly check it out…

I can recommend some other communities as well such as:

Taco & Banana - http://taconbanana.com/forums/
RoleNation - http://www.rolenation.com/forums/
BB - http://www.bbroleplay.co.uk/forums/index.php

Although I never play on other servers then my own I have heard a lot of good things about these communities. They are probably older and have a larger player-base than my own, but every person has a preference and perhaps there is something that only exists in my community which makes you want to join that one instead of the other ones (or you can just play on all of them).

You should try them all and see where you fit in best :slight_smile:

Whatever you decide I hope that you enjoy your future role-playing experience!

Good luck, have fun!

Regards, Pete

Although I haven’t tried Myrrdin’s server, I don’t see any really ‘good’ G-Mod roleplay servers coming out. The player base itself isn’t great, and Source is just too limiting. If you want true roleplay, again I am no way disrespecting Myrrdin, I suggest trying out a MUD

The biggest and oldest Garry’s Mod Half-Life 2 roleplaying community is Taco n’ Banana, it’s pretty good overall, although it can have some drama once in a while. http://taconbanana.com/forums/index.php

Necropolis RP is also a reccomendation, it’s post-apocalypse zombie RP and works pretty well. http://www.necropolisrp.net/forums/

I also advise you to check out Live in Fear, http://liveinfear.co.uk/forums/index.php . They have a Fallout 3 setting and is IMO pretty good.

All three are excellent, IMHO.

However, if you are looking for another Half-Life 2 Roleplaying server, I can mention RoleNation http://www.rolenation.com/forums/ . It’s most likely the most canon roleplaying server for Half-Life 2 RP, but it’s quite simply restricting a lot due to the script and administrative team.

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I totally agree.

Source is very limited and therefore you should explore all existing options before settling for anything less than the best.

I am definitely not going to say that my community is the largest one out there because right now it is pretty small due to past events. We are making the role-play much more interesting in the future with our upcoming role-playing script and style of role-play. Hopefully people will know of my community and enjoy spending time there in the future. I will do my best to make sure that the community grows, doesn’t die and that it welcomes everyone. I am not going to make any promises because they are often hard to keep. I am just going to say that I will do what I can to give people what they want: A good role-play server with great admins and an active community.

Just to let you know, your post did not offend me in any way; I understand exactly what you mean.

try out Next-Gen

Not gonna lie, DarkRP is a classic, and if executed well by good admins and cooperative players, it is a fantastic experience. On the other hand, I’ve seen some DarkRP servers deteriorate into spawn blocking, admins RDMing, and everyone being a hobo. There truly is two very different sides to the DarkRP coin.

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