Lookin for Buddies!

Hey guys! Looking for a new crew to play with! If anyone is interested hit me up! Got lots of in game time!

Steam ID: DustyBones

Hi DustyBones,
I own and admin a server
[US EAST] BleedOUT | PvP | Vanilla | Active Admins | Wiped 2/25

We just started about a week ago, but our numbers are growing by the day. We are usually around 20-30 off peak, and hit about 50+ around peak hours. The reason I’m posting is because it seems as though the tendency in the server is for people to group up. This is mainly because in the very early stages, a clan of 6-10 joined up, and the rest needed to do so in order to stay competitive. Currently, there are 4 or 5 groups of 4-5 players, making for some pretty good game play. There is also a healthy group of lone wolfs, or smaller factions that could use some help. Most of them are eager to have people join their groups, so if you feel like it, stop by and check it out.

We have a 8 man group - All interenational students over 18 years of age - all speak fluent English - 4 from Australia - 3 From China and 1 From Saudi Arabia - We are all america - we are all experienced and will love to have you join us! Add me on steam: wapigeon or skype at wapigeon. Thanks!!! :smiley: