Looking a Melee Weapon base

I’ve been looking for a while now for a melee weapon base but I can’t seem to find one. Any help would be greatful!

Why don’t you just use the one out of the hl2 crowbar?

I’d get it for you but I’m not on my PC.

I’m just wondering how would that work if the crowbar from HL2 isn’t even coded in Lua? Unless i’m missing something, please correct me if i’m wrong…

It must be coded in lua. Even so if you can’t get it. Use the CSS Knife out of CSS Realistic Weapons and just change it I guess. Like I said I’d look but I’m on my laptop.

Edit: There is many more in M9K.

Usually the way a Melee PrimaryAttack is coded, is a very short trace. If it hits the world, play a sound, if it hits flesh, play a different sound, if it hits a player deal damage, etc…

Thank you guys for the help, now I can continue development on my gamemode