Looking at other players' computer screen via server console

When I’m in the console, (not the GMod console everyone has), is it possible to code a feature where I can take a look at every players’ computer screen in game?
I have a command that takes a snapshot of every players’ screen in game that shows me what programs they have running, and their steam browser if they have it open.
Would it be possible for me to implement that feature into my server console so I can see people’s computer screen while being out of game?

It’s possible and wouldn’t be amazingly hard either. But it’s not ethical.


You can capture steam overlay and the gmod window with

render.Capture but you can’t capture anything else. Why would you want to do this? A lot of people wouldnt like their screen to be shown to others while they are in a game, and unless you explicitly state it then it’s against the law.

Rusts anti-cheat does this

screen shots the game window if it detects anything off and saves it

garry has yet to be sued or arrested

of course, what OP is asking is WAY out of bounds of whats legal or OK at all

Without checking I am confident that Garry mentions this in the EULA / ToS / ToU for Rust, and he also possibly includes a paragraph guaranteeing that the information collected this way is never used for anything except cheat detection. Every Rust player, by having clicked Agree, acknowledges and explicitly allows this to be done.

I highly doubt the OP has any intention to do the same, and if he does then I get the feeling he won’t have many players left…

Bottom line: don’t do this. Use !cac instead, I hear it’s good (although I have never tried it myself).