Looking down at the valley

Oh hey look, another peaceful scenebuild!


Original, other angle and (almost) same angle with stuff removed:



Holy fucking crap.

I want to know how to scenebuild like you :C

Jesus Christ, that’s fucking awesome

Your tree lines make me jealous.

Wow and… Like wow. The beauty. You are getting an arty whenever you like it or not.

I won’t defile the picture by commenting on it. I just wanna watch it. A GMod creation on the top shelf.


I had to make a poem for this. 3 minutes worth of work.

I ogle the forest, it’s awesome and stuff. It’s leaves, grass and trees, buzzing with bees.
Fill me with beauty, peace and awe. This is the most kick ass thing I ever saw.

Awesome scenebuild.
You should try mapping.

looks wonderful. have an artistic.

Nice build but the camera angle leaves so much wasted space on the right where it’s just concrete road.

That and the angle youv’e got their doesn’t really look like its focusing on the guy.


It’s beautiful.

I was obviously just stating that I’m not that good.


Then, he falls off the barrier.

what is that map called?

Looks just like western Washington!

I pretty much see this whenever I go driving out to the ski area.

I like how my state looks :3:

There was nothing I could possibly have added there.

Because it obviously was not meant to.

I said the camera angle was bad, not the prop-placement.

Tried. And then failed.

actually i have to say the angle is good, its a bird’s perspective of the scene. the only complaint i have is that no alt angle picture was taken, like a angle taken from the man’s eye level out over the forest

My friend, you are one hippie scene builder. And I love it!