Looking for 1-2 more for vanilla server.

I currently have a group of 3-4 (1 is semi-active) on a vanilla server right now that was wiped 5/2. We have teamspeak, have played together for a bit, and are all very skilled at the game. We currently have a 4x4 2 stories with a decent amount of stuff going. Reply with some info about yourself if you’re down to join in on us.


-Must have a headset and teamspeak
-300+ hours played
-At least 18 years old (we’re in our 20s)
-Know how to aim effectively and know all the tricks/mechanics in rust

Or, add me on steam and message me if you’re interested.

Yeah sounds good to me!

im 29 have have all that.


bump. we started on a new server recently and need 1-2 more again.

Hello, i added you on steam.
I am Eternal on steam.

Hey! I’m advertising my rust server this is the IP- - The server has 5 admins all ready to help you guys have a better time on our server, we made this server so that the community is in control of the server, the five admins and i decided that we would not reset the server unless the community asks us too and this means more than one person requesting that we do it. The server is also up 24/7 and It would be nice too see people on the server and play with them ect because this is the community’s server! This is your server! This is our server! server name is -Clusters Rust server (vanilla, PvP, no resets, fresh!) UK!•

Have to be 18 or older? (I’m 15). I also need a group of people to play with

Still need someone? Add me up if you do: http://steamcommunity.com/id/bassmawla/