Looking for 1-3 people to play with.

This game is not only easier but more fun with more people. I play at afternoons (4-8:00, varies) at GMT+2. I could Skype as well.

Of course, I’d like to start together with you. Things are changing fast in the game, but I still wouldn’t like to be helped up by somebody who’s done everything already.

And also, I’d prefer the normal servers.

P.S.: I’m Greek, so my accent is probably horrible, bear with me on that.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the chat thread" - postal))

Uh. I was hoping for more enthusiasm. Anyway, bumping this.

I would’ve gladly played with you but my GPU is being RMA’d at the moment so yeah, wish I could have helped you out.

There’s a small server called SafeHavenGuild or something to that effect, only about 15 ppl on at a time tops. (Almost) all of us are friendly and we kinda do our own thing most of the time, we’re just starting to build towns and such… It’s a good time.

Im British and have played enough to know alot about the game and what to do. Itd be good to get a group together, message me.

You can come and play on a server that I have been playing with some friends. Its new and fresh, so definitely a good time to join. Server IP is:

I am currently working now (US Central), but will be on later.