Looking for 1-3 players

I’m looking for 1-3 players to join me on Rust. Must have a mic, 18+, active(2+ hours a day), friendly, and have a sense of humor. I plan on having a small group or just one person to pvp with. I’m 26 located in central usa and have my own dallas mumble server we can use. If interested please respond to this post or add me on steam under “Zodd” with a cat lol picture.

Well I roll in a crew of 3, ages 17, 17, 25, we play pretty actively, very competitive, but at the same time always laughing and having fun, we have a raidcall server we use, if you think this might interest you, please feel free to add me on steam.

I need a group, sadly only 16.

Looking for Additional Members to a 8 man group (Members so far from Australia, Saudi Arabia, Beijing and Shanghai, China)

Hi. We are looking for RUST players who speak english from ages 16~20 who play RUST on a Frequent basis. We have 8 members so far in our group and are looking for additional members in our RUST Faction so to speak. Anyway, we currently have members from China (Beijing and Shanghai), Saudi Arabia (Whatever the capital is there) and Australia. When we play we constantly use Skype & Steam Chat. If you are interested and meet the criteria listed above please contact me at Skype: wapigeon or Steam ID: wapigeon

Also if you have suggestions for clan or faction names - tht would be awesome!

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We have a group of 8 people - 4 from Australia, 3 from China and 1 from Saudi Arabia - If you want to join our group please add me on steam at wapigeon and/or skype at wapigeon. We are mostly 17 ~ 18 but we would love to have you in our group - no homo - no age limits - infinate epic! :smiley:

More then 2 hours a day? Screw that…

Minimum of 2 hours a day, but you aren’t required to do more I just hate playing with people that are hardly ever on. As for the age part I put it there because I’ve only had one person younger than 18 that was actually mature. If you are mature then I don’t mind you being below 18.

i feel you on that one and would like to join your crew, i have 320+ logged

Whats your steam? or add me.

bustergg is my steam id if that does not work look for advakar

Looking for at least 1-2 more people. Add me on steam or post on this forum post.

I would like to join but these next couple weeks I have exams so rust time gets shortened. SteamID: chaosizbliss Name: k2thearma

Looking for ppl to roll on a new server. A little info about me. Male/20/6+hours a day/Europe gmt+2
Add me on steam - smasherxp12

We have 3 people so far. Looking for another 1-2.