Looking for 18+ partner(s)


My name is Richard,i’m 20 years old and i’ve played Rust for a long time (currently got 408 hours on Rust)
I really like the PvE aspect of the game, however i enjoy PVP to, and don’t mind to kill some people.
I’m not a KoS’er, unless most of the people KoS on the server.

I’m not a dick, as in shooting people or luring them in order to kill them for some stuff.
I only kill if i need to.

Monday/friday: 18:00 untill 19:45 (friday/saturday from 22:00 untill 01:00)
Weekend: Mostly can play all day, unless i got to do something.

My GMT is: +1

I’m looking for some people to play Rust with, because it’s really boring if you play alone (imo)

*- Need to be able to speak English/Dutch

  • Must have a mic.
  • Must have skype (or a TS/vent server)
  • 18+ years old. (the older the better)
  • Friendly and wants to co-operate.
  • Should be able to handle a gun*

We’ll start on a new server you may decide on which one.
We’ll discuss that.

Why do i need to be 18+ years old?

I don’t like to play with squeekers, it’s really annoying me. Even though some aren’t that bad,
unfortunally some squeekers have ruined my experience with them.
Therefore i want my partners to be atleast 18+

Interested? Contact me on Steam or PM me on the forums here.

Have a nice day 'n stay Rusty !

Im 66 is that SUPERGUD?

Basing on the title, you could just go to eharmony.

You know… When i first saw this i thought .oO(Is this a misplaced dating advert?) lol