Looking for 2 TFU II Models

I’m looking for two TFU II Models preferably in a OBJ format but if you have the extracted models from the game I can convert them I’m looking for the Royal Guard and the Terror Trooper. If anyone can help it’s much appreciated. Thanks.

Terror Trooper? Jesus, Star Wars really is dead and buried. Were either of these models in the first TFU? Is so, I can get them for you.

I don’t remember. I’m planning to use the OBJs for basically an art project.

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I know the Royal Guard is in the first TFU game not sure if it’s wearing a cloak or armor though. Looking for the Royal Guard with armor. In TFU II the Royal Guard character has a lightsaber staff weapon as well. Not sure if the Terror Trooper was in the first game they were a enemy that would fight you yet they were invisible until they would appear to attack you. But I know they are in TFU II for sure.

Reason I ask is that I know absolutely nothing about TFU2 or whether or not it uses the same file formats, but I have TFU (most of it) and can easily grab those files for you with Noesis, assuming they’re there.

it doesnt, its easier, you rename the archive to .zip, then the file you need which is the geo, you rename the .geo to .zip, extract the geo within and it opens with noesis
sorry if I didnt explain that well

^^ .gto, not .geo =)

However i think these two are the files you want^^ There was nothing called like ‘‘Royal Guard’’ but the ‘‘Sith Acolyte’’ thingy looks like it

(.gto, .obj and .smd format, .dds and a few .tga textures)

Does anyone know the file location of the unlockable “Guybrush Threepwood” model in this game?

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2\LevelPacks\pak0.lp\Game\Disc\Characters\maleAverage\playerGuyKiller\


What the heck is Guybrush Threepwood? And Thanks TheDamnThing the Terror Trooper was correct, I don’t remember the other one but it’s not the right one, the Royal Guard was the one with a Lightsaber Staff or Force Pike Weapon. Any suggestions as to how I can get the models out of the TFU II Game so I can try myself?

He’s a character from Monkey Island^^ The main one actually xD

In the LevelPAcks folder is this pak0.lp thingy wich contains all main models. You can easily open that and all the sub folders in it in Total Commander. For windows explorer i think you have to rename it to pak0.zip. Then you should be able to browse through itz folders. If you found something just extract it like you’d do with any other .zip file. In that characters/weapons/whatever’s folder should be some .gto files. you also have to rename them from .gto to .zip and extract again. The file you get out of there has no extension by default so add .gto at the end.
Noesis can open those .gto files. They appear textureless in Noesis but you should be able to guess the models anyway =)

Will this work with the Wii disk or did they make a PC version of TFU II? Thanks for the help. I already have all the armor parts broken down into sections for the Terror Trooper to make the parts into pepakura files for a costume, thanks much for the help.

Uhm i don’t think it works with the wii version, also the Pc version’s model have a much higher quality^^
If you don’t have the Pc version you could pass me a screen of that guard you’re searching for and i might find it =)
No problem^^ Glad i could help a bit.

Here’s a photo of the character you end up fighting them in the Wii version near the end of the game, but good point there are differences between the Wii and 360 version so I would not be surprised if there’s a difference between the Wii and PC characters. Here’s a photo of the character I’m looking for, the Jetpack Stormtrooper in the game would be excellent as well if you can get him. Thanks for all the help I’ve been trying to get the models forever I just did’nt know how.

Hmm, that’s interesting. I should find this game, the first TFU was full of useful content. Hard to justify buying a game just for its art files, though.

True and it’s easier to get the model files over having a modeller commissioned. I’m already having to do that for Darth Malgus ( not in TFU ) from the KOTOR Cinematics.

Well here are the Jump Trooper and the guard^^ (this is the only guard-ish model in there^^ from the model it looks like the one you requested but the textures seem a bit different)

If you want any more i can give them to you^^

Thanks for the help TDT.

Well I’ll be. Didn’t expect to find that you have an acount here. :smile:

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