Looking for a basic script to aid in Hack detection.


I have a simple(ish) request here that I assume will be easy for anyone with knowledge of LUA code. Basically, I assume that many of the more advanced Cheats/Hacks will mask their CVARs/Hooks through randomly generated characters at the end/beginning. This makes standard CVAR checks harder to do, also standard CVAR checks will find it hard to pickup on private hacks.

So the request is fairly obvious, a small script that would dump the clients CVARs/Hooks and print them into the caller’s console/log. I would have not problem incorporating this into some sort of plugin if I have the ground code that will perform the dumping.

Also, I am not sure of how willing you will be to help me with the query but I have a sub-request on the original if possible. I know the dump will produce many CVARs that would be generic and have no real input into the hack-detection. If it would be possible to have a whitelist of CVARs not to print then someone will earn themselves cookies.

Thanks if you decide to help.

Scriptenforcer ?