Looking for a BIG pack!

awhile back, i had to do a total refresh on my computer ( and stupidly forgot to back my gmod folders). There was a file i remember being on facepunch that had a shit-ton of monsters, creatures, and weapons in it including power fists, staffs, guns, swords and spears. if anyone knows what i’m talking about, please leave a link to it.

BTW, i forgot to mention about, those weapons are high tech futuristic looking. maybe that will help a little

Sounds like one of Dtmech’s packs.

do you know where it is?

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All of the creatures and weapons look like they came from one specific sci-fi fantasy game. Almost forgot, he called the pack a Holiday Gift?

Here you go i think this is what your looking for .

Yep this is it! thanks soulbrother!