looking for a blackhawk model

ive been looking for the last week for a decent blackhawk model
with no luck. theres a few on garrysmod but i cant get to them as i dont own the game. Ive found two that arn’t in source format ones 3dmax(has errors when i compile to smd) and the other sketchup(its 6300 poly and says its gonna take 16 hours to convert to smd). however im a noob and dont know how to compile them.
does anyone have a model they can upload for me to use. or want to compile the models for me.

fuck i though i was in the model section duuuurrr…

hey, if you wanted a map you should have just talked to me! in a PM, you know? i can do this. i just need your cooperation through the process. here, draw out the map in MS paint, and ill handle the rest. its that simple! not get going! we only have so much time!

oh, wrong section. this is mapping.

anyone know of any models?