Looking for a cheap host?

I’d like to start hosting my server again, but I’d love to find servers that are on sale for lifetime. Does anyone know of any good deals going on right now? I’d love to have a cheap 32 slot server :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

Where do you want it located? I saw nitrousnetworks has a special 32slot special for £12

plugpayplay.com do cheaper than that

The only main problem with PlugPayPlay.com is their support, but if you know what you’re doing, then it’s fine for you.

I’m in the US, so someplace close to Washington would be perfect. Plugandplay seem to be in a different currency :confused:

NFO servers.

PlugPayPlay are UK hosts… That’s the only issue.

I would go with vilayer.com

I vouch for PlugPayPlay.com as well. They are very nice. I have used them in the past.
The only problem is that they screw you over some times.
I had a bad case with them, that got me to owe them 300£ for a server that I didn’t receive the service of.
Other than that, good host.

Red Speed Servers very well priced servers, they are very stable and reliable, and the customer service is amazing never had to wait longer then an hour for a reply.

I’m shifting towards Vilayer because of the cheaper slots and it looks very promising, anyone care to vouch for it or disagree? :slight_smile:

I’ve used UltimateGameHost for my first server, and I must say, they are a good host for being such a small business. Great support and prices.

Had them. You better have a verrry optimized gamemode. Their servers lag hardcore. I would say use them as a last resort.

Not entirely true, get a different core with your server purchase, i have 32 Slot, and it runs perfectly with 32 people online.

Would you care to share which things you got in your purchase with Vilayer? :slight_smile:

Yeah. PM me.

Artofwarcentral. I used to use them. I didn’t use them for too long though, but whenever I had a problem, there was always people flying over the support ticket counter trying to help me.

Nitrous Networks are cheap.

At what point is it “cheap”? What is your budget?