Looking for a clan/community

Hey guys, The clan I currently am in might be going down, so I need a new gmod community to join.

Pm me on the forums.

Or add me on steam: ‘rberube47’

Specify what exactly you’re looking for in the community. Gamemodes? Popularity? Etc.

My bad Jackpody, I’m looking for TTT and maybe an rp, slightly popular.

Thanks for letting me know my error.

If you are looking for a build server mine is

I also host a terraria server for the community.


This is a great community with respected and mature high ranked members. I joined this community back in 2010 because they were organized and the administration was competent.

I was super admin on RP and now I am super on our new TTT server. Come check us out! RP TTT

We also have a build and minecraft server.


AHAHAHAHA Shizzam… no.

Let me rewrite that for you.

D3 is an immature community with biased and immature high ranked members.
They are unorganized and the administration is corrupt.
We are desperate for members.

There was a saying about 6 months ago.
D3vine is allergic to fun.

Really, your first post is promoting D3?

On a brighter note.
GGG are very professional and they have some very skilled builders there.

My community is expanding quite quickly to be honest. We haven’t been up for that long but we recently bought a Dedicated Server so we’ve just set up some servers. Before we only had our RP server, now we expanded and created one TF2 Server, one GMod Zombie Survival server and one Minecraft Survival server. The last 3 servers is still in BETA because we’re working on them quite much.

We’re a mature community and the RP server which currently is our main server is getting worked on 24/7 and alot of new stuffs is on its way such as custom HUD and other custom systems.

If you are intrested check us out: Brute Force Gaming (Funny name isn’t it? xD)

Anyways, you can contact me if you are intrested and we’re currently only 2 developers, me and a very good friend of mine. We have a hired Lua coder which is very experienced with Lua and he is working on alot of new stuffs for the servers.

I would be happy to see you around.

Oh god, never make these threads, owners of their communities will just advertise here.

You could just, like, not join a community perhaps? They aren’t required to make playing GMod fun. Just server surf, I’m sure you have friends from your old “clan” you could play with, if you don’t then you did something horribly wrong.

Server surf with friends, find a fun server, play there. If the community is exemplary, then consider joining them. Don’t advertise yourself to communities as you’ll only get the fucking abysmal ones

ConjointGaming has a pretty good TTT server with great admins.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve said it 400 times, I’ll say it again. I was banned from D3 for saying I wasn’t a fan of Queen. I was banned again for standing on a floating wooden crate. Their admins are a bunch of idiots.

Haha, you must be kidding me?

If you like having fun then you should try out Sassilization