Looking for a clan

I’m looking to join a clan, preferably on a US server considering that’s where I live.
I’m currently playing on a server with about 50 others and there is major clan that is usually quiet but occasionally likes to go on murder sprees and I can’t get any other team work on this server to fight them off. So naturally I’m quitting the server and looking for a more team friendly environment. I only have about 40 hours of game time but I know what I’m doing I know my way around the map and I know how to build structures that won’t get raided every night so if anyone is looking for a teammate let me know I’ll be glad to check it out.

Hey Rambo,

I usually play with about 7 or 8 other players and we have a tight nit group that takes care of each other. I would be more than open to introduce you to them and take you for a run but I would need to talk to them to make sure they are cool with the idea of bringing someone into our small group.

I know you said you are looking for a clan but let me know if this Idea interests you, but please do not waste our time if you plan on clan jumping or do not like the idea of smaller groups.

Find me on steam
bengibbard13 is my account name
Alias is Heisenberg

Check us out @ smoclan.com.

We play rust, BF4, war thunder and a few others. We have a TS3 and around 15 active members. We don’t KOS unless shot at. SMO is 7 years old in april and started out as a BF 2142 clan. Check us out!