Looking for a Co-owner

Hey guys, Im looking for a Co-Owner for a TTT server I need someone who can code atleast lua or html.

Any help will be highly accepted.

Thanks to anyone who helps in anyway :slight_smile:

I can help. :slight_smile: Just send me a PM!

I can help £10 per hour.

I can help for free. You already paid for a server i suppose, so why bother you with more cost? :stuck_out_tongue:

Slave labour.

I can do it for 800 bucks every 30 seconds.

I was being serious, my service may cost but you won’t regret those 30 seconds of a great community manger.

I can design a website for your server for around $20, email me travtrav5000@yahoo.com or msg me on steam [TCX]grilledchese

I can help. I know a bit of lua coding.

You leaving us Chrik?

I am not. I just like to help. :slight_smile:

GMOD should be fun for everyone.



I’m out

Go back to pound land.

if it was poundland it’d only be £1

I’ll do it free

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Bit like dragons den…

if it was moundland it would only be 1$

ill be of service for 329 yen


Can anyone code lua, they can be the Co-Owner.