looking for a co owner

So I’m looking to start a darkrp server I have owned 3 servers in the past 2 being darkrp but here are the qualifications you need

Knowledge in lua (not simple stuff I need someone that’s good with scoreboard motd hud automatic donations)
Knowledge in HTML (I will design the website but I need you to have some knowledge in it)
Be free on week days (I am unable to be at my computer most of the week so I need you to basically manage the server)

Here are the perks you get

You get 80% of the profit
You own 49% of the server
75% responsibility for coding the server
5% responsibility for coding the site
You will be treated as my equal
It will be made clear to the staff how much you do for the server

This is what I get

I get 20% of the profit
I own 51% of the server
I am responsible for 25% of the server coding
I am responsible for 95% of the website coding

We will split 50/50 power over staff until we get to a 40 maybe 50 player base then we will find a head admin to manage them.

I plan to go all out on this I want this to be the next big server so please reply to this thread or contact my steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/todaface

Why doesn’t he just create his own community? I mean he must have the time, so why not go for a full ownership and not 49%

I only use donations to benefit the server you should understand that now… Not for personal gain… So you want someone to code all the lua and you just code html… LOL. I’m guessing you want the so called Co-Owner to pay for everything to. And what the difference between 49-50-51 or ? Partnership most the time is 50 - 50… Then profit? Donations are to benefit the community lol. I don’t think you will come be the “Next big thing” with that attitude!

Friend request sent.

Oh my lord, so many things wrong with this thread.

You’re pretty much asking someone to own and run your entire server.

Servers shouldn’t make profit- donations are called donations for a reason. They should only be used for keeping the server up and still, you shouldn’t be relying on donations alone for the server to stay up.

There shouldn’t be power or authority over staff unless it’s promoting or demoting. Good staff will do their job without guidance.

Come on, 3/4 of server owners use the “donations” as income. Let’s stop pretending its something nobody does and is frowned upon.

That shouldn’t justify it, and all you’re doing by saying that is encouraging it.

You’re kidding, right?

It hurts to see something like this. If you want to be ‘the next big thing’, then be professional about this. What the hell is the difference between 49 from 50, and 51 from 50? How do you even scale that?

There’s many things wrong with this, and the fact that others want to help you just shows how toxic some servers are. You’re basically asking people to code your whole server, and you to just fill in little tiny holes.

If you plan on this being even close to a big thing, at least put a price. No one is just going to do a complete server for you, for free. Don’t make up the excuse of ‘The donations pay for him’, cause I don’t think ANY donations will be coming your way.

What a sudden change of opinion.

That’s a pretty shit defense of what really just turns out to be exploiting your playerbase most of the time.

What usually pisses me off the most about people profiting off donations is they aren’t really up front about it. Sure, anybody with half-a-brain can tell. But it’s somewhat malignant how they tell their players that they’re “Donating out of the good of the heart to keep their favorite servers up!”. Especially when it’s just one 50 slot dark RP server where the owner is more than capable of getting a job to support their hobby. Bigger communities like lifepunch ofc do need to do this because unless you have a very high-paying job, good luck funding that shit. The alternative of having servers donated by your players can be pretty unreliable and possibly leads to your code being leaked.

I get that you dont like it, I dont either. I cry everytime I see “Get your own custom job on our DarkRP server by donating” and then the owners end up making $120 off of one custom job…

I don’t want to be a buzzkill but these posts seem to come up here every week by another person each time - and they always get the same response. Teaming up with someone you don’t know yet will normally result in “but what’s in it for me?”. Also, many people of a certain age appear to want to be able to say they run a community so that they feel popular. That’s certainly what it looks like.

Good luck though, you never know… /this/ one might be different…

…or not.

I think we’ve got enough DarkRP servers already.

That, and communities that start up with DarkRP either start up really slow or fail in general…
Especially when the owner wants a stranger to co-own and do all the work.

i no how to code darkrp, is tht enuf? and code scrds