Looking For A Coder = DarkRP

Currently I own a 30 slot server. I’m not asking for someone who is pro but someone who can give us an upper hand. We know all the basic’s such as making printers, ammo, jobs, all that we just want someone who knows how to make “Drop-able Ammo” and “Cops cant kill other cops”. Currently I also have a website with 20gb storage payed monthly ofc. This would also be allowed for the use of anyone who cares to help. Yes you would get superadmin and currently there are two of us. If you want to help or become apart of our DarkRP please do so. We always need to learn and strive for it. Please message me at [JGS] MrTheJoker, thanks!

(User was banned for this post ("Missed the hire thread" - Gran PC))


You dont need a coder, You need someone who knows how to copy & paste and edit.