Looking for a coder for Armored Combat Framework

ACF is an existing mod that simulates ballistics and vehicle drivetrains, and our lead coder has lost interest. We have two other coders, but we’re seeking another with a more flexible schedule.

ACF googledoc

If you’re interested in seeing the code, you can find the svn here.

Most of my videos contain ACF in some shape or form, if you’re interested in that, go to my channel.

Current list of ACF devs:
Kafouille - Author; lost interest in ACF
Sestze - coder
TGIfallen - coder
Lazermaniac - Modeller/texturer
Amplar - Sound/balance/tuning

We require a coder who can interpret the code and learn how acf’s system works, it is fairly simple. A basic understanding of physics, ballistics, and real world behaviour of armour & vehicles would be best.

This doesn’t warrant its own thread.