Looking for a coder - Offering pay for work done.


I have a team set up to get things moving, but I really need a serious coder. I know basic derma in lua and its not enough to get this to take off.

I would need you to know sql and glua.

The game will include

SQL - your character and items will save for you automatically
guild system
world trade market ( bazaar)
derma menu’s
credit shop system
character set up and selection
entities - sweps and interactive npc’s
IM NOT MAKING THE FULL GAME** - This is a reasonably sized mod that will play just like morrowind, but online.

I would prefer to have a serious coder. Also being a serious coder means offers you more things to be paid for.

If your willing to send me individual completed things then I can pay you for what you do.

example: if you make me a guild system then I will pay you for the completed guild system.

I have a a few developers

2 story writers
2 web developers

I am willing to pay someone for their work. Whatever amount of work that is done is really appreciated.

I hope to hear from you soon. This game will be great, but I cant do it alone.

Skype : LtShinySides
Steam: sergeantears

Teamspeak - ESRoleplay TeamSpeak3 - 16 slot

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Back on track, this sounds pretty cool OP.

Thanks man. Im a serious fan of the elder scrolls series. Ive always loved to play Morrowind but I always wanted to show my friends my house with all of my treasure.

It will have multiple cities in the map. Im staying very loyal to lore, and my writer is a fan of the game as well.

Pvp will be a part of the game as well. You can choose to make alliances with other players, and throughout the game join them in a guild. Im really going to try to have the same guild system as Morrowind. Creating multiple guilds of different character types can make players appropriately choose their path. With a goal set you can work to grow and and build your character.

Having the ingredients from the game collectible from plants that spawn, you can build your alchemy level by making potions with them. Having this implemented will attract players to craft items that are valuable and a necessary part of the game.

You can choose 1 of 9 races. When you build your character you choose your 2 major attributes followed by your 5 major skills; and then 5 minor skills. When this selection is made, the remaining skills will be pooled as a miscellaneous skill. You can level your miscellaneous selections, but they build that skill only, they don’t apply for xp for your main level.

I also will be putting all 27 skills into the game. This of course is the best case scenario.

More info on the game can be learned by accepting the position.